How to Become a More Attractive Version of you and attract Long-Lasting Love with the

Love Magnetic System

Heal Past, Unresolved Pain, Break Wrong Love Patterns and finally attract Long-Lasting Love using the secret 9 Love Triggers.

From the Desk of Sarah Ize-Iyamu

Dallas, Texas.

Hi, I’m Dr. Sarah and I can help you Reform and Rebuild your love life. I’ve been working with difficult relationships and I can show you how to fix them and make them better and sweeter.

Many people experience breakups and are usually not aware of what caused it and how to repair their relationships or their hearts to become stronger.

I totally understand exactly what you’re going through right now.

Since you’re on this page, You’re probably feeling pain, anxiety, confusion, shock, hurt or even betrayal. I’ve also felt all those emotions that you’re experiencing in your relationship right now because of the difficulty.

I’ve been and felt the pain of having to cry yourself to sleep daily thinking all hope is lost in the relationship you thought was meant to be.

I understand what it's like struggling to focus daily and get rid of the pain in your heart that keeps reminding you that the person you love so much has left you.

Feel like you’re broken and wounded.

It may all look like your desires and dreams of an amazing love life have been shattered.

Well, I can tell you that there’s hope.

But you need to have the Right Knowledge on what to do to get rid of this pain fast and finally attract long lasting love in your relationship.

You Can Get Your Love Back

Hi, I’m Dr. Sarah and I’m going to show you How to Heal Past, Unresolved Pain, Break Wrong Love Patterns and finally attract Long-Lasting Love.

I believe you shouldn’t play games with people’s hearts. I also believe to build anything sustainable in life, you need to have the right skills.

Some are not too happy that I'm giving away all these secrets because it will empower you on how to heal faster, come out stronger and rebuild an amazing love life.

They don’t understand Why I'm doing all these to help people.

If you’re reading this, I know you love your partner and you’re fighting for a better relationship

Your partner is lucky but they don’t yet know your Real Value at the moment. And if you don't have the right guide and experience, your efforts right now will push your partner further away from you.

This means that if your partner is not careful, they may miss out on a person that truly loves him and will put you through the pain of losing them to someone else.

I don’t want this result for you, so that's why I want to coach you on what exactly to do to make your partner see your Real Value and fight harder to keep you both together.

So we need your partner to finally feel a sense of urgency.

I want to Coach you to apply the Right Love Skills that will…

  • Make your partner miss and want you to the point can no longer handle it
  • Finally, Prove to your partner that you’re THE ONE they really want
  • Make your partner fight harder for you, jump through the hoops until you both are finally back together better than before

If you finally want your partner to reach out to you and ask for forgiveness, with a changed behavior and pleading and begging to take him back, then grab my Love Magnetic System immediately before it’s too late…

You’re likely to lose them forever, as time passes by. Your partner can:

- Replace you with another person they think is better than you

- Lose the love and attraction you both had

- Picture you as a past painful memory they don’t want to remember

It doesn’t have to turn out this way!

If you use the right skills and strategies I will reveal to you, your partner will remember how amazing you and the relationship were.

Your partner will finally remember what it was like when the love ignited between you both. How they wanted to be with you and talk to you all the time.

Here's How To Finally Get Your Love Back

You've finally realized that getting your love back isn't as easy as showing them more love and begging them to come back to you.

This is because your partner sees you and the relationship as gone and forgotten.

The bad stuff that happened cant be wiped off clean, and attraction between you both has drastically dropped - one of the hidden reasons for breakups in relationships - feels like it's finally over (no matter what your partner says)

Here’s what it would take:

You have to get over the Shields against you at the moment. Right now, your partner is suspecting you will try to get them back and will try to avoid you. Your partner doesn't want to speak with you or see you because they don't want you trying to persuade them into getting back with you

Your partner might even suspect everything you’re doing is just to get back together

I’ll uncover how to get over this shield so your partner can be the one who is fighting harder to get back with you.

The Love Attraction has to Resurrect: Since you both split, the love attraction has drastically dropped. At first, Physical attraction didn’t fall but it’s more spiritual, emotional, and intellectual attraction that dropped.

For your partner, these things can reduce the love attraction between you both and even physical attraction as well. This means, you can’t tempt your partner with that as well.

In the Love Magnetic System, I reveal how to bring back this love attraction for you which is the gateway to other forms of attraction coming back to life.

Then you have to Erase the Bad Memory Bank your partner has of you: At the moment, your partner doesn't have good memories dominating in their mind about you. These bad memories were the very things that made the love attraction drop to the point it caused a split in the relationship.

As long as your partner is focused on this bad stuff, your partner will want to stay away from you causing the relationship to break.

I will uncover how to make your partner focus on the Sweet moments in the Relationship and finally realize that they made a huge mistake breaking the relationship

It may look difficult at the moment for you

But not to worry, I’ve done the major work, I’ve worked with tons of couples to help them revive, resurrect and reform the love back in the midst of difficulty in their relationship.

Took years of failure, research, learning, observing, testing but with my Love Magnetic system, I will reveal to you the Exact Strategies in order to get your love back, with time test proven strategies than what’s being thrown around online.

You’ll also Discover:

HOW TO GET your Partner reminiscing about you and the amazing times you both had AND wishing……DREAMING that you both get back together!

WHEN EXACTLY to do important things for full advantage and when to leave your partner alone (No other relationship coach has mentioned this!)

HOW you can make your partner jealous without MAKING IT SEEM that you are doing so! (This is not what you’re thinking)

WHY some of your thoughts could be completely incorrect and will end up pushing your partner even further away BUT ALSO which thoughts are correct that you can use to your advantange!

WHAT you need to do after you’ve successfully used these strategies to get your partner reaching back out to you! This is super important because you don’t want to have your partner wanting you back only to leave you again!

The ONE CRUCIAL THING you must NOT do even though it appears like you should do so! It’s Extremely important to rebuilding love attraction between you both!

HOW to use the Bounce Back Rebound Strategy to get back your partner from a Rebound Relationship. This is a secret high-level stuff other relationship coach don’t like to talk about!)

This is for you if you're:

  • Currently going through a breakup
  • Current dating relationship or marriage is facing difficulty
  • If you want peace of mind and more love in your relationship
  • Ready to Build the Right Knowledge in this Love Game so you can win at it
  • This system has been designed for both men and women

At This Point…

If your ex comes around and is ready to get back with you, and you know that this time the relationship will be way better than before…

What would you pay for this to happen?

$500? $1,000? $10,000?!?!

If you’re so sure he’s the one, you would do anything to have him, including foregone everything.

I want to help you so I decided to make this super affordable

Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay $10,000 or $1000.

You don’t even have to pay $500 or $100 - yes it looks like I’m charging way below what it's worth but my goal is to help as many as possible.

So right now, I’m charging $17

That’s a single payment of $17 for a proven system to help people just like you get a second chance with the person you love.

The Love Magnetic System

Heal Past, Unresolved Pain, Break Wrong Love Patterns and finally attract Long-Lasting Love using the secret 9 Love Triggers.

In the Love Magnetic System, you'll discover the 9 Love Triggers:


Love Pattern

How to Identify the wrong love patterns you learned from childhood and break them to finally attract and build real love in your relationship.


Love Behavior

How to identify broken behaviors that make you unattractive and How to Learn Healthy Love Behaviors for a sustainable relationship.


Love Alignment

How to choose the right relationship that aligns with your morals, values, visions, and goals. You will learn how to pick the right partner you should build a relationship


Love Healing:

How to heal faster from the pain of past relationships, or seeing dysfunctional marriages and relationships. How to come out stronger from heartbreak to attract a better relationship


Love Bricks

The Right Bricks you need to build your self-worth and self-love so you can have a fulfilling love life. How to love yourself and become happier with or without getting your ex back


Love Magnet:

How to attract emotionally available partners and not entertain emotionally wounded people. The Love Revolver strategy to stop entertaining Broken people in relationships


Love Lips:

How to speak the right love language in communicating to win your partner’s heart, commitment, love, and attention.


Love Foresight:

You will also learn The Real Reason Why people fall in love fast and break up faster. You will also learn how to understand the direction your relationship is heading to.


Love Prayers:

Powerful Prayer Arrows to shoot in your relationship. Prayers to reveal the true nature of your partner, to stop a cheating spouse, change your spouse's behavior, build magnetic love in your relationship, and more.



Exclusive Access to the Magnetic Love Accelerator Community

Exclusive Access to the Magnetic Love Accelerator Community where you can get expert help advice and connect with other High-Value Individuals working on their personal growth



The Bounce Back Rebound Strategy

How to get back your partner from a Rebound Relationship. This is secret high-level stuff other relationship coaches don’t like to talk about!) This would make your ex miss you and fight to come back to you



The Breakup Emergency Strategy

How to get back an ex or attract a better partner. You will also learn the exact text message you can send to get back your ex. This works for both singles and marries couples.

The Love Magnetic System

Heal Past, Unresolved Pain, Break Wrong Love Patterns and finally attract Long-Lasting Love using the secret 9 Love Triggers.

Enroll TODAY And Get All These Training & Exclusive Bonuses:

  • Learn the 9 Love triggers in the Love Magnetic System ($997 Value)
  • Bonus #1: Access to our Magnetic Love Accelerator Community ($197 Value)
  • Bonus #2: The Bounce Back Rebound Strategy ($297 Value)
  • Bonus #3: The Breakup Emergency Strategy($297 Value)
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access
  • Log in at any time from anywhere in the world

Total Value: $1,788

Normal Price: $497

Today ONLY: $17

Lifetime access

NOTE: This product does not have a money back guarantee. All Sales Are Final. No REFUNDS!

Got Questions?

How do I know this will work for me? Can this work if i'm married?

This Program works for both singles and married

How does the Love Magnetic System work?

This is a Self-Paced Online Program. You can watch it online from anywhere in the world. You may choose to work as fast or as slow as you like. If you're focused on it, it should take you 8 weeks to complete it.

Is this Program up to date?

We are constantly improving our systems and updating this Program. So even if you miss any Weekly Coaching Call, you will get access to it immediately in the Membership Area.

How long will I get access to everything?

You will get lifetime access to the whole premium program.

Is the Love Magnetic System right for me if I’m new to attracting love?

Yes, this program is for you if you're new to attracting real love

I’ve tried attracting love before but it hasn’t worked for me. What makes this different?

Yes, this program is for you even if love hasn't worked out greatly for you in the past

What kind of support do I get in this course?

You will get access to the Magnetic love Community where we hold regular coaching sessions and you get access to expert help


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